2009 Toyota Blade Spy Photos?…Mazda 3 Competitor?

Today as I was driving through the over crowded streets of LA and I came across a small caravan of three Toyota vehicles. The first vehicle was a camouflaged Scion xD and the third car was the Lexus ES350. The car in the middle is what caught my attention. I assume that the car was the upcoming replacement for the Toyota Matrix, which is rumored to be named the Toyota Blade when it is released next spring.

The car was heavily camouflaged although I could make out the tailights and the overall shape of the car. From these pics it looks like the replacement for the Matrix will indeed be more of Mazda 3 competitor than it is now. Which is what the automaker is aiming for, although it is taller.

The new 2009 Toyota Blade is expected to borrow the 158 horsepower 2.4L 4-cylinder from the Toyota Camry and the new Scion xB. The new car may also have all-wheel-drive as an option.

(Sorry for the low quality pics, I had to take them with my camera phone since my digital was at home)

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