2009 Nissan GT-R Named Motor Trend Car of the Year

Motor Trend has announced the winner of its 2009 Car of the Year award and this year the award goes to the 2009 Nissan GT-R.

Motor Trend had this to say about the 2009 GT-R:

“The GT-R puts Nissan on a map that thus far only designated Maranello, Sant’ Agata, Munich, and Stuttgart as points of interest,” said Motor Trend editor Ron Kiino. ”Well, it’s time to stick a tack on Tochigi. In the kingdom of supercars, the GT-R positively belongs. Be it comparing 0-to-60 sprints, quarter-mile times, 60-to-0 braking, or lateral acceleration, the GT-R is one of the world’s best.”

“Plainly put: No Nissan has ever been as formidable or as awesome as the GT-R. More significant, no other 2009 contender crushes our criteria like the GT-R. For that, it wholeheartedly deserves our Golden Calipers.”

Full Story: Motor Trend

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