Next Audi S5 to Ditch V8 in Favor of a Supercharged V6

An Audi spokesperson recently told InsideLine that the next Audi S5 is going to feature a V6 engine rather than a V8 when it is released in 2009.

The next S5 is going to get the same 329 horsepower supercharged V6 engine as the recently introduced Audi S4.

“Not only does this new engine get nearly the same horsepower and more torque,” said an Audi spokesperson, “but the fuel efficiency with the V6T improves by 30 percent over the V8.”

Next the Audi S6 is expected to swap out its V10 engine for an updated twin-turbocharged version of the 4.2-liter V8.

The V6 turbo is also expected in the mid-engined R4.

Full Story: InsideLine