2008 Nissan GT-R and The Black Mask Project…Show the Actual Car Already!

Have you seen a BLACK-MASK member? Here are some of the videos….

10 more days until it is officially unveiled!

The Black Mask Project

Full Story: NAGTROC

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spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf10.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_10.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_20.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_30.jpg spy_shots_nissan_gt_r_at_goodwood_wcf_50.jpg

Images from Gran Turismo 5:
nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image001.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image002.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image003.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image004.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image006.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image007.jpg