2008 Honda S2000 Club Racer Prototype… Buick and Camry Drivers Need Not Apply!

The Honda S2000 has always been a car for enthusiasts, since its debut in 1999. As sales have cooled way off in the last few years, Honda is pumping out a new variant at the end of the current model’s life.

Honda will debut a race-tuned edition called the S2000 CR (Club-Racer-Inspired) at the New York Auto Show next month. The company claims that the car is "aggressively tuned" and will go on sale this fall. According to Honda the car is "Engineered around expectations and needs of Honda performance enthusiasts." Unfortunately it is not known what changes will be made to the car or what it will look like. Hopefully they will make changes to lower the vehicle’s weight, such as removing the motor for the top. I wish the 2.2L engine had the redline of the original 2.0L engine. (2007 Model is Shown Above)