200-HP Honda CR-Z Type R Reportedly in the Works

Honda’s newest hybrid, the CR-Z has failed to impress, but it looks like Honda is working on a more powerful version, a CR-Z Type R. The 2011 CR-Z that Honda debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month is powered by a 102-hp 1.5L mated to a 20-hp electric motor for a total 122 horsepower. If the rumors are correct Honda is going to bump the power of the 1.5L up to around 150-hp and the electric motor will get a bump as well up to 50-hp for a total output of 200-hp. This will improve the CR-Z’s 0-60mph time by as much as three seconds. There were rumors that Honda would put the Civic Type-R’s 2.0L under the hood of the CR-Z, but because the coupe was designed as a hybrid, it must keep the same layout.

According to sources the CR-Z Type R will go on sale in late 2011.

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