Would You Think of the 2009 Ford Flex as a Stylish Vehicle?

Ford’s new Flex crossover was unveiled over a year ago and will be hitting dealerships soon. When it was unveiled the seven-passenger crossover was seen as a replacement for Ford’s Windstar/ Freestar minivan. Well instead of marketing the new vehicle towards families, Ford is choosing to market it to people that want a “cool or stylish” vehicle.

“There’s much more to this vehicle when you look at it rather than just narrowly defining it as a family crossover,” said Kate Pearce, Flex marketing manager. “It is the style that draws people to this vehicle. Good or bad, it evokes an emotion.”

Don’t expect to see families or kids in the upcoming ads for the Flex as Ford is trying to position the Flex as a trendsetting stylish vehicle.

What do you think? The Flex probably looks better than a minivan, maybe, but is it actually something that “trendsetters” will flock to? Especially people who do not necessarily have children?

The Flex is expected to start at just under $30K when it hits dealerships this June and fully optioned models will be close to $40K.

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