Lexus buyers might have noticed that something is missing from its 2018 lineup in the U.S. – the CT 200h. Lexus still sells the hybrid hatchback in other markets, but slow sales sealed its fate here. But could the CT return? A new report claims that Lexus is working on a new CT that will feature a fully-electric powertrain around 2020.

Lexus currently doesn’t offer a plug-in hybrid or electric car, but that will soon change since Toyota is planning a new lineup of plug-in vehicles. Japan’s Nikkan is reporting that an electric CT will go on sale in 2020. The electric CT will go on sale first in China before it arrives in other markets. Hopefully the U.S. is on that list. After the electric CT arrives, Lexus will also introduce a new fuel cell sedan in 2021.

The same report also claims that Toyota will introduce a plug-in hybrid Toyota RAV4 in 2020 and a successor to the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle in 2021.

Source: Nikkan