What Were the Top-10 Best Selling Cars in July 2011?

The July sales numbers are in and with that we have the list of the Top-10 best selling cars last month. The list for last month is largely dominated by full-size trucks and midsize sedans, with the Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra disappearing from the list.

The Ford F-Series and Chevy Silverado pickups continue to dominate the list, but the Toyota Camry has managed to reclaim its spot as the top selling car, which the Chevy Cruze held last month. Japan’s automakers are still recovering from the aftermath of the March earthquake, which explains why Honda is missing from this list, although the Accord held the number 11 spot.

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Top 10 (July 2011):
1. Ford F-Series: 49,104
2. Chevy Silverado: 33,121
3. Toyota Camry: 27,016
4. Chevy Cruze: 24,648
5. Ford Escape: 24,411
6. Nissan Altima: 21,340
7. Hyundai Sonata: 20,884
8. Ram Pickups: 20,311
9. Chevy Mailbu: 19,529
10. Ford Fusion: 19,318

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