2012 Fiat 500C Gets the Gucci Treatment

Following the launch of the Fiat 500 by Gucci hatchback, Fiat has released the cabriolet version, the 500C by Gucci.

The 500C by Gucci comes exclusively in white or black with an electric top that features the classic Gucci stripe. Other details include chrome-plated accents and 16-inch alloy wheels with the Gucci logo.

Like the hatchback version, there is no word if the “500C by Gucci “will come to the U.S.

2012_fiat_500c_gucci.jpg 2012_fiat_500c_gucci_3.jpg 2012_fiat_500c_gucci_5.jpg 2012_fiat_500c_gucci_2.jpg