What is the One Thing that the All-New BMW M3 is Still Missing?

With all the news about the upcoming BMW M3, Audi would like you to know that it is still missing one thing….all-wheel-drive.

Funny ad.

BMW M3 (UK):
08bmwm3uk_001.jpg 08bmwm3uk_002.jpg 08bmwm3uk_003.jpg 08bmwm3uk_004.jpg 08bmwm3uk_005.jpg 08bmwm3uk_006.jpg 08bmwm3uk_007.jpg 08bmwm3uk_017.jpg 08bmwm3uk_011.jpg 08bmwm3uk_013.jpg 08bmwm3uk_014.jpg 08bmwm3uk_015.jpg 08bmwm3uk_018.jpg 08bmwm3uk_019.jpg 08bmwm3uk_020.jpg

Full Story: The German Car Blog

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