What are the Most Wanted Cars in the U.S. for 2007?

Edmunds.com has posted a list of the most wanted cars in 2007 based on reader feedback. Out of the 32 categories you may be surprised which automaker took home the most awards….

General Motors claimed the top spot in 13 of the 32 categories. In addition GM also took home the award for the “Most Significant” Vehicle for its GMC Acadia crossover. I guess GM has something to be happy about now, since they recently announced that their profits have dropped 90 percent.

Apparently Bob Lutz has already started to brag about it in his blog. Fastlane Blog

My question is: Does “Most Wanted” actually equate to sales?

Full Story: Edmunds.com

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Edmunds.com Announces Consumers’ Most Wanted Vehicle Awards for 2007

Crossover GMC Acadia Named “Most Significant Vehicle” by Consumers

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – May 3, 2007 – Edmunds.com, the premier online resource for automotive information, today announced the winners of the sixth annual Edmunds.com Consumers’ Most Wanted vehicle awards.

“These awards provide a good idea of what consumers are looking for in their next vehicle,” said Karl Brauer, Editor in Chief of Edmunds.com. “This year, consumers voiced the opinion that the domestics are developing some very compelling cars and trucks.”

By a considerable margin, the 2007 GMC Acadia won the flagship award, Edmunds.com Consumers’ Most Significant Vehicle of 2007. The next highest finisher was the 2007 Saturn Aura, and the 2007 Honda Fit took third place.

Among manufacturers, Chevrolet led the pack, winning five awards, while Cadillac and Honda tied for second place, each winning four awards in this year’s survey.

Here’s the list of Edmund’s Consumers’ Most Wanted for 2007. For commentary, details on runners up and voting percentages, check out Edmund’s.

Most Significant Vehicle of the Year – GMC Acadia


Sedan Under $20,000 – Honda Civic/Mazda 3
Sedan Under $15,000 – Chevrolet Cobalt
Sedan Under $25,000 – Saturn Aura
Sedan Under $30,000 – Acura TSX
Sedan Under $35,000 – Cadillac CTS
Sedan Under $45,000 – Cadillac STS
Sedan Under $60,000 – BMW 5 Series
Sedan Over $60,000 – Lexus LS 460

Wagon Under $15,000 – Kia Rio5
Wagon Under $20,000 – Mazda 3
Wagon Under $30,000 – Audi A3
Wagon Under $40,000 – Audi A4/BMW 3 Series (tie)
Wagon Over $40,000 – BMW 5 Series

Coupe Under $20,000 – Honda Civic
Coupe Under $30,000 – Ford Mustang
Coupe Under $40,000 – Infiniti G35
Coupe Under $60,000 – Chevrolet Corvette
Coupe Over $60,000 – Porsche 911

Convertible Under $25,000 – Saturn Sky
Convertible Under $35,000 – Honda S2000
Convertible Under $45,000 – BMW Z4
Convertible Under $60,000 – Chevrolet Corvette
Convertible Over $60,000 – Cadillac XLR

Compact Truck – Toyota Tacoma
Large Truck – Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra

SUV under $25,000 – Toyota RAV4
SUV Under $35,000 – GMC Acadia/Saturn Outlook
SUV Under $45,000 – Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon/GMC Yukon XL/Chevrolet Suburban
SUV Over $45,000 – Cadillac Escalade/Escalade ESV

Minivan – Honda Odyssey

Exotic – Bugatti Veyron 16.4