What are the 10 Most Disappointing Cars of 2011?

We’ve reached the halfway point of 2011. With that we have a view of what cars buyers are ignoring or simply hate this year. CNN Money has put together a list of 10 cars that it sees as the most disappointing cars this year.

The list includes some models that aren’t surprising, like the disappointing Honda Insight, which has failed to steal away Prius buyers and the Smart ForTwo, which is just too small for American buyers.

Which models do you think are missing from the list?

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1. BMW X6: BMW’s “sports activity coupe” 2011_BMW_X6_new_fr3.jpgattempts to combine coupe styling with a crossover, but apparently buyers just don’t get it with only 1,559 units sold this year.

2. Mercedes-Benz R-Class: The R-Class was first introduced in 2006. It is basically a 2011_Mercedes_Benz_R-Class_new_fr3.jpg minivan with three rows of seats, but minus a minivan’s sliding rear doors. Buyers haven’t been attracted to its low-roofed design or the “sports cruiser” marketing theme. Mercedes hoped for 25,000 units a year, but only 195 were sold in April.

3. Ford Flex/ Lincoln MKT: Ford killed off its minivan and attempted to replace it 2011_ford_flex_titanium_new_fr3.jpgwith the Flex and the Lincoln MKT in 2008. It’s large square proportions have failed to attract would be minivan buyers and compete against other conventional crossovers. Ford is only moving about 2,000 Flexes a month, but had hoped to sell 100,000 units a year.

4. Smart ForTwo: The two seater Smart ForTwo is far too small for most American 2011_smart_fortwo_new_fr3.jpg buyers. It also doesn’t get the gas mileage one would expect from such a small car. Combine that with a less than appealing driving experience, sales have failed to meet expectations.

5. Toyota Tundra: Toyota put a lot of energy into the second-generation Tundra 2011_toyota_tundra_new_fr3.jpg pickup, even going as far as creating a new plant in San Antonio, Texas (the truck state). Toyota has be unable to pull away Ford and Chevy truck buyers with only 93,309 Tundras sold last year. Compare that total to the over 40,000 F-Series Ford sold in May.

6. Nissan Quest: The fourth-generation Nissan Quest 2011_nissan_quest_new_fr3.jpglaunched for 2011 with new, less quirky styling than the third-generation. Nissan’s attempt at competing with the Chrysler, Honda and Toyota minivans has failed with only a tenth of the sales of the Honda Odyssey.

7. Maybach: Maybach was launched in 2002 as a way for Mercedes to compete with 2011_Maybach_new_fr3.jpgRolls-Royce and Bentley. The models were essentially larger versions of the S-Class with insane prices. Nine years later and only 20 units have been sold this year.

8. Honda Insight: This really isn’t a surprise. The Insight went on sale in the spring of 2011_Honda_Insight_EX_new_fr3.jpg2009 as a direct attempt by Honda to compete with the best-selling Prius hybrid. The Insight even features a similar looking body, but it’s not as fuel-efficient. A low starting price still hasn’t attracted Prius buyers with the Prius outselling the Insight seven to one.

9. Acura ZDX: Think of this as the Acura version of the BMW X6. The X6 is on this list 2011_Acura_ZDX_fr_new3.jpgand so is the ZDX. Buyers haven’t loved the weird exterior styling, although it does have a nice interior. The fact that it’s also more expensive than the larger MDX in which it’s based also doesn’t help its case.

10. Subaru Tribeca: Subaru released the B9 Tribeca crossover in 2005. It’s styling was 2011_Subaru_Tribeca_Touring_new_fr3.jpgquirky and quickly became the ugliest Subaru in the lineup. Subaru eventually tweaked the styling and dropped the “B9” from the name, butt buyers had already moved on. Only 910 have been sold through this year and it’s rumored that it will be killed soon.

Full Story: CNN Money