We Can Thank Toyota for the Existence of Subaru and the WRX

According to a post on The Car Connection, Subaru would not exist if it wasn’t for Toyota. According the CEO, without Toyota’s support Subaru’s future would have been unknown.

After the alliance between Subaru and GM ended in 2005, the company was unsure of what to do next. Toyota bought an 8.7% stake in Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries after the alliance with GM ended.

Subaru is now looking for help from Toyota to help it meet its new sales goals. The company wants to increase sales in the U.S. by 15% over the next three years to 230k. Toyota is also using Subaru’s production plant in Indiana to help supply the U.S. with the popular Camry.

It is not known what future products Toyota will help Subaru produce in the coming years, although the company will use Toyota’s existing hybrid technology in a future vehicle.

With this statement it seems like the company may not be opposed to an eventual full takeover by Toyota. Although the CEO did state "Don’t expect Subaru to become little more than another Toyota division."

Full Story: The Car Connection