VW's Bringing the 235-HP GTI Edition 35 to the US, but with a Different Name

According to sources that spoke with Car and Driver, VW is going to be bringing the recently unveiled GTI 35 Edition to the U.S. This is great news for any GTI fan, myself included! The U.S. version will be powered by the same 235-hp 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder, which has 35 more horsepower than the current GTI.

The biggest change, which is actually a small change, will be to the name. The 35 in the name of the European version refers to the number of years since the GTI was first introduced in Europe. 2012 will mark 30 years since the GTI has been sold here, so the name of this version will be changed to Edition 30 for the U.S. market.

The true GTI fans are still waiting for the 265-hp Golf R.

volkswagen_golf_gti_edition_35_2.jpg volkswagen_golf_gti_edition_35_3.jpg volkswagen_golf_gti_edition_35_4.jpg volkswagen_golf_gti_edition_35_5.jpg

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