It was originally believed that VW would use its existing Chattanooga plant to build its future electric cars, but now VW has confirmed that it is planning on building a second plant somewhere in North America for its EVs.

VW I.D. Concepts

VW hasn’t announced exactly where the new plant will be, but it will come online by 2022.

“There is no decision done so far,” stated Thomas Ulbrich, Volkswagen’s board member for e-mobility. “We think there’s a natural fit to Chattanooga, but there’s no planning done so far.”

While VW has confirmed plans to build a second plant for its electric cars, there’s still a chance that the Chattanooga plant could be leveraged as well. Especially considering the fact that the plant currently only produces the Atlas SUV and the slow selling Passat.

By 2022, VW plans to have at least 16 electric car production plants around the world.

Source: VW