VW Golf R U.S. Debut Set for Early 2012

VW fans and anyone that loves hot hatchbacks in the US should be excited that VW is bringing the high-performance VW Golf R here. The VW Golf R is the successor to the R32 and is an even hotter than the current GTI.

According to VW’s product and technology communications manager Mark Gillies, the Golf R was always planned for the US and will finally hit our shores in early 2012.

Unfortunately the Golf R that we will get, will not be exactly the same as the version sold in Europe. The Golf R will be powered by the same 2.0L turbocharged engine, but it will be slightly detuned, with only around 250 horsepower. Tighter EPA regulations are blamed for the slightly lower numbers. US buyers will also not have the option of getting the dual clutch DSG transmission, since the all the Golf Rs headed here will be equipped with the six-speed manual. The good news is that it will still send all of its power to the ground via all four wheels.

Stay tuned…

it remains to be seen if VW will ever produce the Golf R Cabriolet.

Motor Authority