Volkswagen is fully committed to release a whole range of new electric cars in the near future with up to five EVs planned by 2022. The I.D. concepts, like the I.D. Buzz have previewed this new range of EVs, but VW has now released another preview – the VW Gen.E research vehicle.

The VW Gen.E research vehicle has a driving range over 249 miles

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The VW Gen.E not only shows off a new electric concept, but also previews new charging technology that will make it easier and faster to charge your EV. VW sees a future where mobile robots will connect to the EV to recharge it and to preview the new automated charging process, the Gen.E research vehicle is charged a robot. VW is also working on charging robot concepts for underground garages and multi-story car parks.

The Gen.E research vehicle has a driving range over 249 miles (400 kilometers) and its lightweight architecture has been designed for maximum crash safety including the battery. The battery is based on advanced lithium-ion cells and the efficiency of the electric motor has also been optimized.

There’s also something else here that the Gen.E. could be previewing – the next-generation Golf. Its three-door hatchback shape isn’t too far off from the current Golf and its C-shaped daytime running lights are similar to the current e-Golf. Stay tuned.

Source: VW