VW Brings New up! Concepts to Geneva

VW has announced that it will be bringing new concept versions of its up! city car to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show next week.

The swiss up! concept pays tribute to the hosts of the Geneva Motor Show. The swiss up! depicts the colors of the Swiss flag both inside and out. Red and white, clear and dominating: like the Swiss Alps. The interior gets leather and Alcantara covered seats and holders for a Victorinox pocket knife.

The winter up! concept is a five-door up! with snowboard roof rails and is painted in two colors: pure white and malibu blue. The large body surfaces are painted in cool ‘pure white’,while ‘malibu blue’ is used as a contrasting color for the impact surfaces of the bumpers, the door mirror housings and the seam that runs parallel to the side windows.

The new x up! is described as a globetrotter and is based on the five-door up! The x up! gets a roof box with integrated search lights. The x up! is painted in “burned orange metallic”; the accents, impact surfaces of the bumpers and the roof box are designed in “anthracite” with a silky sheen.

The new cargo up! is designed as a small city delivery van. The up! has been turned into a small city van with a seat for the driver and lots of space for cargo. All of the rear windows have a dark tint and painted in the body color.

Come back next week to see them…