Volkswagen and Google announced today at the Web Summit 2017 conference that the two companies are teaming up to bring quantum computing to the automotive industry. VW specifically wants to use a Google quantum computer to continue the development of traffic optimization, to explore structures for new materials, and to work on artificial intelligence with new machine learning processes.

Volkswagen google quantum computer

The quantum computers will be used by a team of specialists from Volkswagen and Google that will build on VW’s current research in regards to traffic optimization, battery construction and the development of advanced AI systems, which are a prerequisite for autonomous driving.

Volkswagen google quantum computer

“Volkswagen’s collaboration with Google marks the beginning of quantum computing in the automotive industry, and is a paramount step to addressing modern mobility challenges unlikely to be solved with binary digital electronic computers,” said Abdallah Shanti, Executive Vice President and Group Chief Information & Digital Officer for Region Americas, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “Through this partnership, Volkswagen intends to unlock the potential of this technology, and share our learnings to motivate the development of quantum computers and algorithms.”

This isn’t the first time that VW has used a quantum computer, since in March 2017 the automaker used the computer to optimize traffic flow for 10,000 taxis in Beijing.

Source: Volkswagen