Volvo has already confirmed that its working on a fully electric version of the XC40 crossover, but that won’t likely be the only fully electric crossover in Volvo’s lineup. Volvo recently trademarked the XC60 B4 and XC60 B5 names, which hints that it’s working on a fully electric XC60, maybe even two.

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If you’re wondering what the “B” in the B4 and B5 names stands for, it likely means “battery.” Volvo’s current naming structure for its powertrains consists of names like D4 and D5 to signify diesel, while the gas powered models use the T naming structure, like T5 and T6.

Volvo hasn’t formally announced any plans for an electric XC60, but given the fact that Volvo is pushing hard to electrify its entire lineup, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Source: Swedespeed