Toyota recently gave Toyota Supra fans in the U.K. a special treat when it brought together the past four Supra generations and the all-new fifth-generation 2019 Supra. The behind-closed-doors event in Sussex was put on for a select group of classic Toyota Supra owners after the 2019 Supra prototype debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Toyota Supra 5 Generations

The lucky Toyota Supra super-fans were treated to an exclusive introduction of the new Supra prototype by Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the new A90 Supra. A total of 50 pristine Supras from all four generations were invited to the event. The majority of the 84 owners and guests arrived in fourth-generation Supra models. While eight third-generation models, four second-generation models, and a single first-generation Supra also attended the event.

Toyota Supra 5 Generations

“I’m just so happy that we’ve made it to this point. I’ve finally been able to reveal the car to the UK; it’s the happiest day of my life,” Tada-san stated. “And to drive it up the hill at Goodwood was a really exciting experience.”

The Supra’s chief engineer also revealed at the festival that the 2019 Supra will be offered with a four-cylinder in addition to the in-line six-cylinder engine. Both engines will be sourced from BMW.

Source: Toyota