It’s already been reported that Volvo is going to more further downmarket with a new smaller SUV – dubbed the Volvo XC40. Volvo has yet to reveal the new compact XC40 SUV, but, Volvo has now confirmed that it will be revealed soon.

Volvo, Volvo XC40 Teaser

The Volvo XC40 will be based on Volvo’s new Compact Modular Architecture, which will also be the basis for the next generation S40 and V40 models. Volvo says that the new XC40 will take Volvo into new areas as its first ever entry in the small SUV segment.

“We wanted the XC40 to be a fresh, creative and distinctive member of the Volvo line-up, allowing its drivers to put their personality in their driveway. XC40 drivers are interested in fashion, design and popular culture, and often live in large, vibrant cities. They want a car that reflects their personality. The XC40 is that car,” said Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Design Officer at Volvo Cars.

Sadly Volvo hasn’t released any real teasers of the XC40 other than these weird images that show its materials and color options.

Volvo, Volvo XC40 Teaser

“Our customer research clearly showed that for the XC40 and for this segment, we needed a wider selection of colors and materials than we usually offer. As Volvo Cars has never designed a car like the XC40 before, we could start from scratch and give it energy and playfulness,” added Robin Page, Senior Vice President Design at Volvo Cars.

Volvo says that street fashion, city architecture, high-end designer goods and popular culture were all sources of inspiration for the XC40.

“We took inspiration for the XC40 color and materials from many different sources, mixing them and putting them back together into something cohesive. What we created is a car with a tough attitude that feels fresh, energetic and confident,” said Ebba Maria Thunberg, Vice President Colou & Materials at Volvo Cars.

Source: Volvo