Volvo just finished revamping its large 90-series models, which will then be followed by the midsize 60-Series and the compact 40-Series. Volvo recently hinted that after the compact 40-Series models are released, the brand will go even smaller with a new lineup of 20-Series models.

It’s pretty straightforward: The 90 is the biggest, and the 40 is the smallest. And when there is a 20, it will be a smaller one,” Lex Kerssemakers, the head of Volvo’s U.S. division, recently told Car & Driver.

Kerssemakers didn’t reveal any other details about the possible 20-Series models, but he did hint that that the new models could be offered in the U.S. It’s possible that the 20-Series models could consist of a small XC20 SUV and maybe even an S20 small sedan. It’s also likely that the 20-Series models will ride on the same CMA platform as the new 40-Series models.

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Don’t expect to see the 20-Series models anytime soon, since right now Volvo is focused on its 60-Series models and the 40-Series models. The new XC60 is already in production and the new XC40 crossover is expected to debut before the end of the year.

Source: Car & Driver