Volvo may be the next automaker to ditch the diesel engine, thanks to remarks from Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson. According to Volvo, its current diesel engines could be its last, since the cost of reducing the emissions is getting expensive.

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Volvo’s first pure electric car is due in 2019.

“From today’s perspective, we will not develop any more new generation diesel engines,” Samuelsson revealed to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. After his statement, a Volvo spokesperson quickly stated that no definite option had been made and that the death of the diesel engine is only an option.

Samuelsson later told Reuters, “We have just launched a brand new generation of petrol and diesel engines, highlighting our commitment to this technology. As a result, a decision on the development of a new generation of diesel engines is not required.”

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Volvo’s latest generation of diesel engines debuted in 2013 and Volvo plans to continue to improve them to meet emissions standards until at least 2023. Instead of focusing on diesel engines, Volvo will turn its attention to hybrid and electric cars.

“We have to recognize that Tesla has managed to offer such a car for which people are lining up. In this area, there should also be space for us, with high quality and attractive design,” Samuelsson stated.

Source: Automotive News