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2020 VW Golf teased ahead of its debut next year

2020 VW Golf Teaser

The next-generation 2020 VW Golf is slated to debut next year, but VW recently showed off a teaser for the eighth-generation Golf.

The new teaser doesn’t reveal too much, but the design sketch does give us a preview of the eight-generation Golf’s profile, which was showed off in a recent presentation. As we can see the profile won’t really change that much, but VW does have some big plans for the new Golf.

VW describes the Golf as “the benchmark and icon of compact cars” and the “brand’s most important and familiar model for over 40 years.”  Production of the eight-generation Golf is slated to kick off in June 2019, which means that it will arrive in Europe by the end of the year, as a 2020 model, but we’ll have to wait and see when it arrives in the US.

VW hasn’t released too many details about the eighth-generation Golf, but it did reveal earlier this year that it will be offered with the latest autonomous driving technology. The 2020 Golf will also ride on a modified version of the existing MQB platform, while its powertrains will get updated with 12- and 48-volt mild-hybrid technology.

It’s also being reported that the eighth-generation Golf will lose the three-door and wagon versions.

Source: VW