Volkswagen Has Decided to Not Sell its Upcoming Scirocco in the U.S.!

Apparently the GTI is too important to Volkswagen of America and they are not willing to cannibalize sales of the hatchback by bringing the Scirocco hatchback here. The original Scirocco was very popular in the U.S.

According to Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president of Volkswagen of America, “It is economically suicidal for us to risk the sales volume and the potential of the GTI.”

The Scirocco will have the same engine and chassis as the GTI when it is released.

Since the market for hatchbacks is very small in the United States, having multiple hatchbacks and coupes in their U.S. lineup would not be beneficial.

Sucks that they tempted us with the Iroc Concept and now they are deciding to neglect the U.S. market. It seems like we never get any of the cool cars. Arg!

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