VIDEO: Lamborghini Aventador Hits the Road Outside of Rome

Love the new Lamborghini Aventador and only wish that you had the chance to get behind the wheel of one? Who doesn’t, but while you save up every penny possible, enjoy this video of two Aventadors hitting the road in Italy…

2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off2.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off3.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off4.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off5.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off6.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off7.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off8.jpg 2012_lamborghini_aventador_lp700_4_off9.jpg

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