Two New Hondas in the Works?


The Winding Road has posted two stories today regarding two future Hondas (possibly).

Honda Civic Type R (2010): Apparently they received an unofficial confirmation that Honda is going to bring the Type R version of the Civic to the U.S. in 2010. Currently this car is already being sold in Japan. The car would could possibly also receive a horsepower boost and a limited-slip differential. They will also most likely try to reduce the weight of the car to maximize its performance.

The current Si that Honda sells in the U.S. is a great car, but it is continuously outmatched by its competitors. The new for 2007 4-door has been a great addition, but we need more!

Honda CRX:For years there have been rumors that Honda was working on a replacement for the fun 2-seater. The last CRX was sold in the U.S. in 1991. With the new success of small sporty cars (Mini) in the U.S. the idea of reviving the CRX has been brought back to life. The newest rumor suggests that the next generation Fit could be used as the basis for a new CRX.

A design proposal for the new car is in the works and a decision should be made within the next few months regarding the car. 

If they brought back the CRX I would definitely want one. I used to own an 89′ Si. It was such a great car!