Toyota is going to reveal the TJ Cruiser concept this month at the Tokyo Motor Show and if you like what you see, there’s a chance that Toyota could build it. Hirokazu Ikuma, Toyota’s chief designer revealed to Autocar that Toyota is thinking about building the TJ Cruiser and offering it globally.

Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept

Toyota will use the TJ Cruiser concept’s debut in Tokyo to gauge public interest, which will then be followed by a series of customer clinics for even more feedback. The TJ Cruiser is basically what you get when you combine an SUV and a van, which Toyota says is ideal for active lifestyles. The TJ Cruiser name stands for “Toolbox Joy.” If Toyota does build it, the TJ Cruiser will likely be built on Toyota’s TGNA platform and it may even offer a hybrid powertrain. The earliest that the boxy TJ Cruiser could come to life would be around 2022, if buyers want it.

Toyota FT-4X Concept
Toyota FT-4X Concept

The TJ Cruiser isn’t the only concept that Toyota is reportedly looking at building, since Toyota has also said that a production version of the FT-4X concept could be produced as well.

Source: Autocar