Toyota has released photos of two new concepts scheduled to debut at the upcoming Japan Mobility Show later this month.

First, we have the Toyota LAND CRUISER Se concept, most likely previewing what a production BEV Land Cruiser could look like. Toyota provided few details about the concept beyond that it is intended to expand the Land Cruiser brand’s appeal by being a three-row electric SUV.

The Toyota LAND CRUISER Se features a design that expertly blends the rugged angularity usually associated with a Land Cruiser with lower, sleeker lines more in line with what we see on modern EVs. A long dash-to-axel ratio gives the Toyota LAND CRUISER Se concept elegant, upscale proportions. The Toyota Land Cruise Se concept also features a monocoque body for better handling and off-road capabilities. Color us impressed if this is a preview of an actual production vehicle.

Next, we have the Toyota EPU concept, which Toyota calls a “next-generation mid-sized pickup truck.” Here again, we find an electric powertrain matched to a monocoque body featuring a ruggedly sleek design.

Think of the Toyota EPU concept as a bit like a small, battery-powered Chevrolet Avalanche, and you wouldn’t be far off due to the concept’s veritable deck space that links the cabin and bed in a variety of different ways to accommodate various “mobility lifestyles, including outdoor activities.” Inside, we find a clean, minimal dashboard with dual screens and a yoke. At just over 5 meters long, the Toyota EPU concept is right in line with the Ford Maverick in terms of size. The world could use more small pickups, so we’ll also cross our fingers on this one reaching production as well.

The Japan Mobility Show begins October 25th in Tokyo.