Toyota Set to Launch 10 New Hybrid Models by 2010

Toyota, not to be outdone by Honda unveiled the third-generation Prius and Lexus’ first dedicated hybrid the HS 250h at the Detroit Auto Show this week.

During the unveiling of the 2010 Prius, Toyota provided more details about its current hybrid plans. Toyota plans on selling 1 million hybrids per year sometime in 2010. In order to reach its lofty goal, Toyota is planning on introducing 10 new hybrid models by 2010. Two of them are the new Prius and HS 250h.

In addition to launching 10 new hybrids, Toyota also announced the introduction of 500 Prius plug-in hybrids that will be globally leased later this year. The plan was originally planned for 2010. Out of the 500 lithium-ion powered plug-ins 150 are destined for the U.S.

The 500 plug-in Prius will be used for market and engineering analysis.

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2010 Toyota Prius:
2010_toyota_prius_official_2.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_3.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_4.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_5.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_6.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_7.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_8.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_9.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_10.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_11.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_12.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_13.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_14.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_15.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_16.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_17.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_18.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_19.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_20.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_21.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_22.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_23.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_24.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_25.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_26.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_27.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_28.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_29.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_30.jpg 2010_toyota_prius_official_31.jpg