Toyota Regains Title as Most Valuable Automotive Brand

Toyota has regained its title as the world’s most valuable automotive brand, despite all of the recalls Toyota had in 2010.

Toyota’s brand value has jumped 11 percent to $24.2 billion in the BrandZ Top 100 annual ranking of the world’s most valuable brands. Toyota has taken the top spot from BMW ($22.4 billion), which held the spot last year. Mercedes-Benz holds the number three spot and is valued at $15.3 billion and Honda is now at number four spot and is valued at $14.2 billion.

According to Peter Walshe, Millward Brown global brand director, Toyota’s recalls did not have a significant affect on consumer’s confidence in Toyota. He told Automotive News Europe, “It was a highly trusted brand before the recall and the company was always going to bounce back if it acted responsibly, which it did. It shows the resilience of the brand.” Toyota was the most valuable automotive brand from 2006-2009.

According to the study, the most valuable brand in the world is Apple, which is valued at $153 billion, while last year’s leader Google is now only valued at $111 billion.

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