Toyota Priuses Invade Rental Car Lots!

Just in time for the summer driving season Hertz and Avis have announced that they will be adding Toyota Prius hybrid cars to their rental car fleets.

Hertz is going to add 3,400 Priuses to its fleets worldwide by 2008. The hybrids are available as one of the company’s “Green Collection” offerings, which will be available at 50 major airport locations and at their location in Manhattan. The 100 cars slotted for the Manhattan location can be rented by the hour.

The cars will start showing up in Hertz lots later this month and will go for about $50 per weekend day.

Unfortunately I looked into renting a Prius for my vacation next month and the costs outweighed the fuel-saving benefits. If the costs were closer to other vehicles in its size I would have rented it over any of the other choices.

Full Story: CNN

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