Toyota Prius Sales to Continue to Grow Despite Lack of Supply

Toyota expects the sales of the Prius to beat the number sold in 2010 despite the fact that Toyota’s dealers only have a one day supply of the hybrid. The lack of Prius inventory is due to the March earthquake. In June Toyota delivered 61 percent less Prius models due to the lack of inventory.

The Prius is currently Toyota’s number three best selling car after the Camry and Corolla, but it’s currently the fastest growing Toyota model. Toyota originally planned to deliver over 180k units this year, but due to the inventory issues, that isn’t going to happen. Toyota still expects to beat the 140k units that were delivered in 2010.

Toyota expected production of the Prius to be back at full output by September. This fall Toyota is set to launch the Prius V wagon and early next year the compact Prius C will launch. The Prius plug-in is also going to launch in 2012.

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