Toyota Prius C Photos Leaked?

Toyota gave us a preview of its new smaller Prius model, the Prius C with the Prius C concept earlier this year. When the Prius C is released it will be sold alongside the standard Prius and larger Prius V models. Although we saw the Prius C concept in Detroit at the beginning of the year, Toyota hasn’t given us a look at the production version. Yay for photo leaks, since we now have our first unofficial look.

A brochure for the Prius C has apparently leaked onto the internet, so here’s your first look at the baby Prius. From these photos it looks like the Prius C has adopted some of the styling cues from the larger Prius V and standard Prius models. It’s definitely not as fun looking as the concept. Overall the Prius C won’t be larger than the Toyota Yaris.

According to the brochure the Prius C will be powered by a 1.4L four-cyl mated to an electric motor. The US-spec Prius C is expected to debut in Detroit in January with sales starting this coming spring.



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