Toyota iQ is Coming to the LA Auto Show as a Scion

According to sources over at Motor Trend, Toyota is going to bring the iQ minicar to the LA Auto Show, but as a Scion instead of a Toyota badged iQ.

Next month Toyota is going to show off the iQ minicar at the Scion stand next to the xB, xD, and tC models. Toyota desperately needs to bring more traffic and focus to the Scion brand, which the small iQ will do. Toyota also didn’t want the small iQ to steal the spotlight from the next-gen Prius that will be unveiled early next year.

The “Scion iQ” is expected to start under $15,000 and will likely be powered by the same 1.5L engine that powers the Toyota Yaris.

toyota_iq_production.jpg toyota_iq_production_2.jpg toyota_iq_production_3.jpg toyota_iq_production_4.jpg toyota_iq_production_5.jpg toyota_iq_production_6.jpg toyota_iq_production_7.jpg toyota_iq_production_8.jpg toyota_iq_production_9.jpg toyota_iq_production_10.jpg toyota_iq_production_11.jpg toyota_iq_production_13.jpg toyota_iq_production_15.jpg toyota_iq_production_14.jpg

Full Story: Motor Trend

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