Next-Gen Mazda MX-5 To Get Lighter and Possible Hybrid or Diesel Powertrain

Mazda unveiled the changes to the 2009 MX-5 at the Paris Motor Show. Although the changes were only to the exterior and inside of the roadster, Mazda has some big changes in store for the next-generation MX-5.

According to MX-5 program manager Takao Kijima, Mazda is looking at alternative powertrains for the next model and mazda hopes to cut its overall weight by 10 percent. By alternative powertrains, Kijima is referring to either a diesel or hybrid powered MX-5.

“I would say the chance of a diesel or hybrid engine is more than 50 per cent,” Kijima told

The main issue is that a hybrid powertrain would add a lot weight to the MX-5 courtesy of the battery pack. A diesel powertrain would make more sense, since diesels are more fuel efficient than gas powered engines and don’t have the significant weight disadvantage that hybrids do. Kijima also stated that the next-generation must have a 50/50 weight distribution, which would be even harder with a hybrid powertrain.

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