Toyota Increases Incentives on the New Tundra up to $3,500…Sales Still Trail the Big 3

Toyota has announced new incentives on its new Tundra that will run through July 31st. The new incentives are: up to $3,500 in rebates, zero percent interest for up to five years or a $500 reduction on down payments for three-year leases.

Sales of the new Tundra last month are double of what they were a year ago at 17,727, but they are still way behind the top selling Ford F-Series and Chevy Silverado pickups. Overall sales of full-size pickups are down this year due to high gas prices and the shrinking housing market.

Toyota decided to increase the incentives on its new truck that has only been on the market since February to keep the “momentum” going. The new incentives bring the Tundra in line with the incentives that Ford, GM and Dodge are offering on their own pickups.

Toyota spokesman Bill Kwong said, “It’s a very competitive market, and the customer is always looking for a good deal.”

Full Story: Detroit Free Press

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