Toyota Exec: All-New Toyota Auris Isn't the Next Matrix

Toyota confirms that the new 2013 Toyota Auris is not a replacement for the aged Matrix in the U.S.

Toyota is bringing an all-new 2013 Toyota Auris to the 2012 Paris Motor Show this month. While the Auris is not sold in the U.S., there has been lots of chatter about it being a suitable replacement for the Toyota Matrix. Unfortunately Hiroya Fujita, chief engineer of the Matrix, just confirmed to Automotive News that the Auris will not become the next-generation Matrix.
Toyota describes the new 2013 Auris as proof that the automaker wants to build more engaging and appealing models. The current Matrix rides on Toyota’s old MC platform that has been the basis for the past three-generations of the Corolla. But even though the Auris rides on the on a new-generation MC platform Toyota has no plans to bring it to the U.S.

Although Toyota has confirmed plans for an all-new Corolla, there haven’t been any details about the next Matrix, which leads some to believe that it will be discontinued.

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