Tokyo 09' Preview: Honda EV-N Concept Looks Like a Cute Puppy

The third concept to take the Honda’s stage at the Tokyo Motor Show next month alongside the CR-Z and Skydeck will be the EV-N Concept. At first glance the small electric EV-N immediately recalls Honda’s N360 minicar from the 1960s.

The EV-N features lithium-ion batteries and seating for four. There is a communications system embedded in the front fascia, something that Honda calls HELLO, s solar roof and swappable seat fabrics. The front passenger door also has one Honda’s U3-X personal mobility devices tucked in it for when you aren’t riding in the car.

Check out the photos…

honda_ev-n_concept_2.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_3.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_4.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_5.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_6.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_7.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_8.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_9.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_10.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_11.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_12.jpg honda_ev-n_concept_13.jpg