There Will be a Second Generation Cadillac CTS Coupe

It was rumored last year that there would not be a second generation Cadillac CTS Coupe as the CTS moves to the new Alpha platform that it will share with the next-generation Camaro and upcoming Cadillac ATS.

Of course that was a year ago and things are always changing. Last year it was rumored that the next-generation CTS would only be available as a sedan, leaving the ATS to accommodate a coupe and convertible. But it looks like GM has changed its mind and is currently working on a new CTS coupe. The CTS coupe will share its architecture with the new Camaro, although the Camaro will have a shorter wheelbase.

Things could always change again, but don’t expect a new CTS until sometime in the second half of 2014 or early 2015. The ATS is expected to be released as a 2014 model.

Full Story: Motor Trend

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