The Small Rear-Engined Volkswagen up! May Come to the US

VW unveiled the automaker’s new small rear engined up! in Frankfurt this week. Adrian Hallmark, head of Volkswagen of America, has confirmed that the US is also interested in the car.

Rising gas prices have forced many Americans to think smaller. This in turn has prompted many automakers to release new and exciting small fuel efficient vehicles. Next year Daimler’s Smart car is going to finally be sold in the US. It remains to be seen if the incredibly small two seater will actually win American hearts or if it will be deemed “too small”.

VW is also interested in gaining market share in this segment, so the new up! production model could make it to the US. The up! would have an advantage over the Smart, since it seats four people. A possible sedan version of the up! could also be available when the production model bows in a few years.

When the car goes on sale in Western Europe it will go for about 8,000 euros and in emerging markets it will range from 5,000 to 7,000 euro.

The automaker has also confirmed that there will be two more concept versions of the car that are going to be revealed at the upcoming Tokyo and LA Auto Shows this fall.

volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_2.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_3.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_4.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_5.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_6.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_7.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_8.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_9.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_10.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_11.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_12.jpg volkswagen_up_concept_official_images_13.jpg

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