Last month Porsche revealed that the next-generation Macan will be going fully electric, but if you’re still want a gas-powered Macan, here’s some good news. Porsche has confirmed that the gas-powered Macan will still be sold alongside the new electric Macan.

2019 Porsche Macan

The next-generation Porsche Macan is slated to be introduced early in the next decade and with it we’ll see Porsche’s first electric SUV. While the Porsche Macan will eventually be an EV-only model, Porsche has confirmed that it won’t happen right away.

“The petrol-engine Macan will continue to be produced alongside the new electric PPE-based Macan in Leipzig,” Porsche told Autocar. “There will be a transition time, but just how long that will be has not yet been determined.”

Porsche hasn’t revealed how long it expects to sell both the gas-powered and electric Macan alongside each other.

“The move to a fully electric model line-up is suitable for certain markets but, due to a lack of infrastructure and other hurdles, it is yet not possible in other markets,” Porsche stated. “We are constantly monitoring the situation and can react accordingly.”