The New VW Diesel-Powered Jetta Will Get 60mpg on the Highway…Should VW Release a Diesel Rabbit?

It seems like diesels are constantly in the headlines now. Honda has been making headlines with its upcoming Accord diesel that will be out next year. Well VW is also planning a release of an eco-friendly gas-saving diesel next March.

In March 2008 the Jetta will once again have a diesel option, which is different than the old 1.9L diesel that was previously offered in the last generation Jetta. The new 2.0L diesel promises to have reduced emissions, which will make it legal in all 50 US states and it will have more power. Although the new engine will have more power, thanks to variable turbine engineering, 140 hp and 230 lb-ft of torque, the engine will get roughly the same gas mileage as the old engine. Early estimates are putting it at 60 mpg on the highway.

The diesel will be able with either a six speed manual or six speed DSG transmission.

Initially the engine will be only available in the Jetta and upcoming Jetta Sportwagen, but it could also end up in the upcoming Tiguan and the Rabbit. VW is currently discussing the possibility of transplanting the diesel in the Rabbit. Since VW is interested in expanding their new diesel lineup it seems logical. Unfortunately the New Beetle was not mentioned.

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