Cadillac SRX will be Updated in 2011

Cadillac’s SRX has been on the market since 2004 and it will finally receive an update in 2011, but according to Motor Trend the SRX could be replaced by a BMW X3-size crossover.

The crossover that is being designed primarily for Europe will be built on the same platform as the upcoming Saab 9-4 crossover that will replace the 9-7x. The new Cadillac and Saab will use a transverse engine platform that will share some parts with the Epsilon platform.

The overall design of the new Caddy SUV will be an evolution of the brand’s Art & Science design language. So we can expect to see the same stacked headlights, flat surfaces and crease lines on this SUV.

The US version could be powered by GM’s new direct-injection 3.6L V6. A hybrid and E85 version could also be offered.

Full Story: Motor Trend

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