The First Jaguar XF Rolls off the Production Line

The first Jaguar XF has rolled off the production line at the automaker’s Castle Bromwich plant. The first XF produced was a 4.2 liter SV8 featured in Vapour Grey paint.

Although the XF is now rolling out of plant, the US will not get the car until March 2008. There will be two versions that are both powered by the 4.2L V8. The base engine features 300 horsepower and the supercharged 4.2L V8 features 420 horsepower.

The base XF starts at $49,975 and the supercharged XF starts at $62,975.

xf_01.jpg xf_02.jpg xf_04.jpg xf_05.jpg xf_06.jpg xf_07.jpg xf_08.jpg xf_09.jpg xf_10.jpg xf_11.jpg xf_12.jpg xf_23.jpg xf_24_eu_.jpg xf_25_eu_.jpg xf_28_eu_.jpg xf_29_uk_.jpg xf_31.jpg xf_33_na_uk_.jpg xf_36.jpg

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