Nissan is Going to Start Taking Orders for the GT-R on Jan 1, 2008

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nissan is going to start taking orders for the 480 horsepower GT-R on January 1, 2008 and deliveries will start in June 2008.

Nissan is only going to send 1,500 of the GT-R’s to the US in its first year and pricing will start at $69,850 and $71,900 for the premium model. You can expect most dealers to add a markup to those prices as well.

nissan_gtr_official1_003.jpg nissan_gtr_main_03.jpg nissan_gtr_official001.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_004.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_005.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_006.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_007.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_008.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_009.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_031.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_032.jpg nissan_gtr_official1_034.jpg

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