Last month it was revealed that Nissan hasn’t even started working on the next-generation Nissan Z, but now there’s a chance that it may never happen at all.

2018 Nissan 370Z

Philippe Klein, chief planning officer for Nissan spoke to Australia’s Drive at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show where he provided no insight into the future of the Z sports car. When asked about a successor to the current Z, Klein stated, “It’s an interesting question because there is a lot of passion people this vehicle,” Klein said. “This vehicle is still very alive but at the same time it is in a segment that is gradually declining, so that is making the [business] case more difficult.”

2017 Nissan 370Z NISMO

The declining sports car segment, combined with the transition to electric vehicles are some of the reasons that we may never see a new Nissan Z. Klein also stated that the Nissan’s focus on the Nismo brand has also put the Z on the back burner.

“We have also the GT-R, with which we still believe there is some good potential from this, and we are in the same category starting to make a lot of effort on the Nismo side. Which is another way to offer excitement to our customers leveraging the more conventional side. We have no intention to quit excitement but we’re going to make it happen in different ways.”

Source: Drive