The All-New Nissan GT-R is Going to Show up in Gran Turismo 5

The production version of the Nissan GT-R is set to be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Show. Sony is going to going to release a demo version of the next Gran Turismo game to coincide with the unveiling.

On Oct 20th the demo for “Gran Turismo Prologue” will be available for download and the retail version will hit stores on Dec 13, 2007.

The demo version of the game is going to feature an unmasked version of the new GT-R.

Here are a few images from the new game:

nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image001.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image002.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image003.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image004.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image006.jpg nissan_gt_r_gran_turismo_5_image007.jpg

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